RVCA Reporting

The RVCA is committed to gathering and monitoring relevant information about the condition of our watershed resources and features. These efforts help us better understand watershed trends and help focus resource management actions where they are needed the most. They also help us evaluate the effectiveness of watershed management policies and programs.

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Subwatershed Reports

The RVCA reports on the Rideau’s six major subwatersheds:

​These subwatershed reports look at four indicators of watershed health:

  • water quality,
  • forest cover,
  • wetland cover and
  • riparian cover.

Catchment Reports

The RVCA produces individual reports on the Rideau watershed’s catchments. They can be found by clicking on the Subwatersheds tab above and going to one of six Rideau Valley subwatersheds. Or to find a catchment geographically on the map provided, type in an address and hit search, then click on the map itself for the location of interest. Continue by clicking on the More info link in the pop-up window to view the associated catchment report.