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The Tay River begins its journey at Carnahan Lake, south of the Town of Sharbot Lake. From there it meanders northeast, draining water from 55 lakes into the Lower Rideau Lake at Port Elmsley. Along its way, the Tay flows through the Canadian Shield that defines many of the lakes in the area, including Long, Eagle, Crow and Bobs Lakes. From here downstream, the Tay takes on a more river-like form as it flows towards Christie Lake, before beginning the long descent through rich farmland and the Town of Perth to where it empties into Lower Rideau Lake.

Drainage Area: 800 square kilometres Length of River: 47 kilometres
Catchments: Blueberry Creek,Bobs Lake,Eagle Creek,Elbow Lake - Fish Creek,Crow Lake,Grants Creek,Rudsdale Creek,Otty Lake - Jebbs Creek,Long Lake,Pike Lake,Tay River - Glen Tay,Tay River - Perth,Tay River - Port Elmsley,Christie Lake

Subwatershed Report - Tay River

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