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The Kemptville Creek Subwatershed is the second largest tributary of the Rideau River. Kemptville Creek is formed by the confluence of two forks, the North Branch and the South Branch. Together they drain a relatively flat farming district with many large wetlands, moist woodlands and fertile crop lands. The only commercial and residential centre, the Town of Kemptville, is situated close to the mouth of Kemptville Creek at the Rideau River. Recent upgrades to the municipal infrastructure and the short commute to urban Ottawa have triggered a development boom in the northern portion of the subwatershed. The subwatershed is rapidly changing from a long established community of single family farms and small businesses to one of new country estates, big box stores and greenfield developments.

Drainage Area: 456 square kilometres Length of River: 69 kilometres
Length of Kemptville Creek Tributaries: 434 kilometres
Catchments: Town of Kemptville,Barnes Creek,Oxford Mills,North Branch,South Branch,Mud Creek

Subwatershed Report - Kemptville Creek

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