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6.0 Long Lake Catchment: Accomplishments

Specific accomplishments noted by the Long Lake community to improve the lake ecosystem are indicated by an asterisk.

Long Lake and Catchment Health

Septic Inspections

The Long Lake Property Owners Association  has been involved in joint submissions - with several other lake associations - made to the Township of Central Frontenac in support of a septic system re-inspection program and continues to support this initiative.*

Tree Planting

3000 trees have been planted at one site in the Long Lake catchment by the RVCA Private Land Forestry Program, resulting in the reforestation of two hectares. 

Water Quality

Carnahan Lake and Long Lake are sampled yearly by the RVCA for five parameters, four times a year along with two stream sampling sites to assess surface chemistry water quality conditions: Stub and Uens Creeks are sampled yearly for 22 parameters, six times a year.

One Rural Clean Water Program project was completed by the RVCA Rural Clean Water Program.

Long Lake and Catchment Habitat

Fish Habitat Improvement

Five walleye fish habitat improvement projects have been completed on Long Lake: one in 2001/2002 and four since 2011. The Long Lake Property Owners' Association has carried out three of these walleye spawning bed enhancement projects on Long Lake and one other on Drew's Creek, which feeds into the lake. Prior to these projects being done by the LLPOA, the Ministry of Natural Resources Stewardship Rangers Program also completed a walleye spawning bed enhancement project on the lake. Two of three spawning bed projects completed by the LLPOA were funded under the MNR Community Fisheries and Wildlife Improvement Program.*

In-stream Habitat

2.2 kilometres of Stub Creek and 2.5 kilometres of Uens Creek have been surveyed along with 33 headwaters sites being sampled by the RVCA Stream Characterization Program.